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Aquaculture Genetics Status and Prospects
BARD Workshop
February 20-23, 2006, Dan Panorama Hotel, Eilat, Israel


Gideon Hulata, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel
William K. Hershberger, National Center for Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture, USA
Benny Ron, Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, Israel


Aquaculture genetics shows immense potential for enhancing production, employing a wide variety of classical as well as modern technologies in an attempt to cope with various production challenges. However, many of these technologies, conventional and modern alike are coming under increased scrutiny by the scientific community as well as the general public. The objectives of the workshop are, therefore, (1) to critically review the state-of-the-art of aquaculture genetics technologies, and their application in the US, Israel and worldwide; (2) to assess limitations of current knowledge and future research needs; (3) to discuss which genetic strategies are most beneficial and acceptable in terms of environmental safety and public concerns; (4) to assemble teams and devise actions aimed at addressing obstacles; and (5) to recommend to geneticists and aquaculturists in both countries future R&D directions that will advance the aquaculture industries and secure their sustainability. Fish geneticists work to identify and maintain economically profitable fish genotypes (and genes) and to integrate genotype interaction with on-farm production and environmental pressures that affect the genetic potential of food animals. The workshop will bring together international leadership and funding opportunities to conduct basic, applied, and integrated research in several areas of fish genetics. Our associates include scientists in universities and research organizations, animal food industries, and, of course, consumers. We hope that workshop will lead to a U.S.-Israel collaborative mindset for developing and using aquaculture genetics, with the goal of fostering a cohesive, cooperative, interdisciplinary approach among industry, extension, and researchers.

Participation in the workshop is by invitation (see list of participants' button). The sessions on first two days of the workshop will be open to the public. Interested professional and fish farmers are invited to register (see registration button).

Important dates
Abstract Submission Deadline for invited participants: December 31, 2005
Deadline for Registration for non-invited participants: February 1, 2006


The workshop will take place on February 21-23, 2006, at the Dan Panorama Hotel in Eilat.
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