The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh - Volume 55(1), 2003

Epidemiological Description Of A New Viral Disease Afflicting Cultured Cyprinus Carpio In Israel [ PDF format ]
Ayana Perelberg, Margarita Smirnov, Marina Hutoran, Ariel Diamant, Yitzhak Bejerano, Moshe Kotler
Volume 55(1), 2003, pgs. 5-12.

Supplementation Of An Isolated Fish Gut Bacterium, Bacillus Circulans, In Formulated Diets For Rohu, Labeo Rohita, Fingerlings [ PDF format ]
Koushik Ghosh, Sukanta Kumar Sen, Arun Kumar Ray
Volume 55(1), 2003, pgs. 13-21.

Natural Spawning And Rearing Of Mangrove Red Snapper, Lutjanus Argentimaculatus, Larvae In Captivity [ PDF format ]
Ming-Yih Leu, I-Hui Chen, Lee-Shing Fang
Volume 55(1), 2003, pgs. 22-30.

Growth, Feed Utilization And Carcass Composition In Rainbow Trout Fed Diets With A Similar Digestible Energy Content And Different Carbohydrate Levels [ PDF format ]
Ahmet Adem Tekinay, Simon John Davies, Yusuf Güner
Volume 55(1), 2003, pgs. 31-38.

Effect Of Animal And Plant Protein Diets On Growth And Fecundity In Ornamental Fish, Betta Splendens (Regan) [ PDF format ]
Raja James, Kunchitham Sampath
Volume 55(1), 2003, pgs. 39-52.

Growth And Yield Of Asian Catfish Clarias Macrocephalus (Gunther) Fed Different Grow-Out Diets [ PDF format ]
Eliseo B. Coniza, Mae R. Catacutan and Josefa D. Tan-Fermin
Volume 55(1), 2003, pgs. 53-60.

Prediction Of Carcass Quality Traits Of Common Carp By X-Ray Computerized Tomography [ PDF format ]
C. Hancz, R. Romvári, Z. Petrási and P. Horn
Volume 55(1), 2003, pgs. 61-68.

Ammonia Nitrogen Excretion Rate - An Index For Evaluating Protein Quality Of Three Feed Fishes For The Black Sea Turbot [ PDF format ]
Murat Yigit, Shunsuke Koshio, Orhan Aral, Burcu Karaali and Sedat Karayucel
Volume 55(1), 2003, pgs. 69-76.