The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh - Volume 54(3), 2002

Alterations In The Hematological Parameters Of Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus Mykiss, Exposed To Cypermethrin [ PDF format ]
Muhammed Atamanalp,Telat Yanik, H. Ïbrahim Haliloglu, M. Sitki Aras
Volume 54(3), 2002, pgs. 99-103.

Distribution Of Different Forms Of Copper In Freshwater Pond Soils Of Orissa, India [ PDF format ]
S. Adhikari
Volume 54(3), 2002, pgs. 104-109.

Fertilization Of Freshwater Fish Ponds With Cobalt And Its Adsorption And Desorption In The Pond Sediment [ PDF format ]
S. Adhikari, S. Ayyappan
Volume 54(3), 2002, pgs. 110-115.

Evaluation Of Plant Proteins As Partial Replacement For Animal Proteins In Diets For Penaeus Indicus And P. Merguiensis Juveniles [ PDF format ]
Veronica D. Peñaflorida
Volume 54(3), 2002, pgs. 116-124.

Effects Of Temperature On Survival And Growth Of Artemia From Tuz Lake, Turkey [ PDF format ]
Yasemin Basbug Saygi, F. Yildiz Demirkalp
Volume 54(3), 2002, pgs. 125-133.

Field Report - Effect Of Diets With Protein From Different Sources On The Growth Of Goldfish, Carassius Auratus [ PDF format ]
K. N. Mohanta, S. Subramanian
Volume 54(3), 2002, pgs. 134-140.