The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh - Volume 54(2), 2002
The Annual Dan Popper Symposium Of The National Center For Mariculture
March 21, 2002 - Eilat, Israel

PDF file of all abstracts

Aquaculture In The 21 st Century
Gideon Hulata
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 52.

Fishing In Silico: Searching For Tilapia Genes Using Sequences Of Microsatellite Dna Markers
Avner Cnaani, Michael Ron, Gideon Hulata, Eyal Seroussi
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 52.

Genetic Improvement Of Sea Bass And Seabream: Practical Applications
Serge Gorshkov, Hillel Gordin, Galina Gorshkova, Wayne Knibb
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 53.

The Influence Of Phytoestrogens And Estradiol-17ß On Growth Rates And Sex Determination In The European Eel (Anguilla Anguilla)
Itai Tzchori, Gad Degani, Ronit Elisha, Rivka Eliyahu, Avshalom Hurvitz, Jacob Vaya , Boaz Moav
Volume 54(2), 2002, pgs. 53-54.

Regulation Of Protein Synthesis In Shrimp Ovaries By Neurohormones
Jean-Christophe Avarre, Morad Khayat, Regina Michelis, Hiromishi Nagasawa, Alisa Tietz, Esther Lubzens
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 54.

Development Of The Pineal Melatonin-Generating System In Gilthead Seabream (Sparus Aurata) Embyros And Larvae
Galit Lisaey, Yoav Gothilf , Benny Ron
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 55.

Use Of Solid Substrates And Biofiltration To Reduce Mariculture Effluents To Surrounding Waters - Preliminary Results From The Gulf Of Eilat
Timor Katz, Noa Eden, Ehud Spanier, Anat Tsemel, Stephan Breitstein, Amir Yurman, Dror Angel
Volume 54(2), 2002, pgs. 55-56.

The Effect Of Rearing Temperature On Sex Determination Of European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus Labrax ) At Different Rearing Stages
Ishasar Ben-Atia, Keren Bresler, Mirit Gada, Hillel Gordin, Sergei Gorshkov, Galina Gorshkova, Gilad Heinisch, William Koven, Sigal Lutzky, Iris Meiri, Adi Paduel, Benny Ron, Hanna Rosenfeld, Amos Tandler
Volume 54(2), 2002, pgs. 56-57.

Can Gilthead Seabream, Sparus Aurata, Be Cultured In Ein Tamar Water? A Model For Assessing The Feasibility Of Marine Fish Culture In The Arava's Brackish Water
Benny Ron, Adi Peduel, Keren Bresler, Daniel Conijesky, Micha Eshchar, Rami Alon, Noam Mozes
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 57.

The Effect Of Dietary Arachidonic Acid On Survival And Cortisol Level In Gilthead Seabream (Sparus Aurata) Larvae Exposed To Stress Conditions
Sigal Lutzky, William Koven, Rogier Van Anholt, Isashar Ben-Atia, Ruth Weiss, Amos Tandler
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 58.

Functional And Morphological Aspects Of The Gastrointestinal Tract Of Tilapia
Tal Tzafrir-Prag, Ingrid Lupatsch, David Sklan
Volume 54(2), 2002, pgs. 58-59.

Nutritional Requirements Of Postlarvae Of The Japanese Abalone Haliotis Discus Hannai
Nurit Gordon, Amir Neori, Sheenan Harpaz, Muki Shpigel
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 59.

Sulfide Oxidation In A Zero-Discharge Marine Recirculating System
Iliya Gelfand , Eddie Cytryn, Jaap van Rijn
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 60.

CO2 And Ph Control In Super-Intensive Marine Fish Culture
Micha Eshchar, Michael Fediuk, Noam Mozes
Volume 54(2), 2002, pgs. 60-61.

Biofilters Of The Seaweed Ulva Lactuca In Integrated Mariculture: What Aeration Really Does To Nutrient Uptake, Yield And Protein Content Of The Seaweed
Flower E.Msuya, Lilach Shauli, Amir Neori
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 61.

"Ras-Potential ": A Tool For Analyzing Production And Financial Performance Of Recirculating Fish Culture Systems
Daniel Conijeski, Noam Mozes
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 62.

Differences In Resistance To Koi Herpes Virus And Growth Rate Between Strains Of Carp (Cyprinus Carpio) And Their Hybrids
Yechiam Shapira , Ayana Benet-Perlberg, Tanya Zak, Gideon Hulata, Berta Levavi-Sivan
Volume 54(2), 2002, pgs. 62-63.

Blue-Fin Tuna -New Developments: Report On The "1 St International Symposium On The Domestication Of Blue-Fin Tuna Thunnus Thynnus Thynnus -Dott: Strategies For European Development In The Context Of A Global Market "
Hillel Gordin
Volume 54(2), 2002, pg. 63.