The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh - Volume 52(3), 2000

Processed Meat Solubles, Protamino Aqua, Used As An Ingredient In Juvenile Shrimp Feeds [ PDF format ]
Oseni M.Millamena, Nelson V.Golez, J.A.J.Janssen, M.Peschcke-Koedt
Volume 52(3), 2000, pgs. 91-97.

Influence Of Stock And Site On Growth, Mortality And Shell Morphology In Cultivated Blue Mussels (Mytilus Edulis L.)In Two Scottish Sea Lochs [ PDF format ]
Sedat Karayucel
Volume 52(3), 2000, pgs. 98-110.

Nephrocalcinosis In Intensively Reared Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) [ PDF format ]
Aydin Fikri, Tunca Recai, Yavuzcan Yildiz Hijran, Kul Oguz
Volume 52(3), 2000, pgs. 111-117.

Effect Of Organic Manures On Organic Carbon Content Of Submerged Pond Soil [ PDF format ]
D.K.Chatterjee, P.K.Saha
Volume 52(3), 2000, pgs. 118-126.