The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh - Volume 52(2), 2000

Introduction Of Fishes To The Freshwater System Of Israel [ PDF format ]
Daniel Golani, Dan Mires
Volume 52(2), 2000, pgs. 47-60.

Effects Of Salinity On Egg And Early Larval Characteristics Of The Black Porgy Acanthopagrus Schlegeliabstract [ PDF format ]
Wen-Bin Huang, Tai-Sheng Chiu, Chang-Tai Shih
Volume 52(2), 2000, pgs. 61-69.

Effects Of Dietary Protein And Lipid Levels On Growth, Survival And Food Conversion Of Indian Major Carp (Catla Catla) [ PDF format ]
H.Shivananda Murthy, A.T.Ramachandra Naik
Volume 52(2), 2000, pgs. 70-76.

Capture Of Wild Finfish Fry In Mediterranean Coastal Areas And Possible Impact On Aquaculture Development And Marine Genetic Resources [ PDF format ]
Sherif Sadek, Dan Mires
Volume 52(2), 2000, pgs. 77-88.