The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh - Volume 50(3), 1998

Mass production of grey mullet, Mugil cephalus: Effects of environmental and nutritional factors on larval performance
Moti Harel, Sachi Ben Atia, Vered ZIotkin and Amos Tandler
Volume 50(3),1998, pgs. 91-98.

Chromosome set manipulations and hybridization experiments in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata).
1. Induced gynogenesis and intergeneric hybridization using males of the red seabream (Pagrus major)

Sergei Gorshkov, Galina Gorshkova, Aliza Hadani, Hillel Gordin and Wayne Knibb
Volume 50(3),1998, pgs. 99-110.

Induced spawning and larval rearing of domestic hybrid striped bass (Morons saxatilis x M. chrysops) in Taiwan
Fu-Guang Liu, Shiuh-Chin Cheng and Hon-Cheng Chen
Volume 50(3),1998, pgs. 111-127.

Experimental infection of kuruma prawn (Penaeus japonicus) with Vibrio penaeicida
L. D. de la Peńa, T. Naka and K. Muroga
Volume 50(3),1998, pgs. 128-133.

Studies on the Inheritance of black patches in ornamental (Koi) carp
B. Gomelsky, N. Cherfas and G. Hulata
Volume 50(3),1998, pgs. 134-139.

Production of viable mitogynogenetic Oreochromis aureus using the cold shock and its optimization through definition of cleavage time
A. Shirak, J. Vartin, J. Don and R.R. Avtalion
Volume 50(3),1998, pgs. 140-150.