The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh - Volume 50(2), 1998

Evaluation of leguminous seed meals and leaf meals as plant protein sources in diets for Juvenile Penaeus indicus
R.S. Eusebio and R.M. Coloso.
Volume 50(2),1998, pgs. 47-54.

Growth and survival of Juvenile Penaeus vannamei in low salinity water in a semi-closed recirculating system
T.M. Samocha, A.L. Lawrence and D. Pooser
Volume 50(2),1998, pgs. 55-59.

The effect of thyroxine on the growth and yolk resorbtion of chum salmon (Oncorynchus keta) yolk sack larvae
I. Park and C.I. Zhang
Volume 50(2),1998, pgs. 60-66.

Spontaneous and stimulated chemiluminiscence responses of blood leukocytes from healthy and infected tilapia
S. Belotsky, S. Tinman, A. Shirak, I. Bejerano, R.S. Levy and R.R. Avtalion
Volume 50(2),1998, pgs. 67-72.

Administration of methyl famesoate through the Artemia vector, and its effect on Macrobrachium rosenberghii larvae.
U. Abdu, P. Takac, G. Yehezkiel, R. Chayotj and A. Sagi
Volume 50(2),1998, pgs. 73-81.

Short communication - Effects of experimental Infection with Pseudomonas fluorescens on different blood parameters in carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
H.Y. Yildiz
Volume 50(2),1998, pgs. 83-85.