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IJA - Bamidgeh

The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture (IJA), formerly known as Bamidgeh, has been working hand in hand with the aquaculture industry for over fifty years, faithfully representing the industry's scientific, technical and commercial advances.

The IJA has now become the official publication of the newly established Society of Israeli Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology (SIAMB). Further information concerning the Society can be found at our SIAMB link and at: http://aquaculture.ocean.org.il

The IJA is steered by an international editorial board composed of prominent scientists and expert aquaculturists from Mediterranean countries. With their guidance and support the IJA hopes to establish itself as a faithful representative of the rapidly expanding Mediterranean aquaculture, without excluding other regions, by diffusing original and valuable information in the form of scientific papers, short communications, reviews and field reports, aimed at supporting the industry and its coexistence with the natural environment.

The IJA retains all intellectual property rights on all published articles and disallows reproduction, storage and transmission in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the IJA administration.

Our administration and editorial board are dedicated to upgrading the quality of the articles published in the IJA. We hope that our efforts will contribute to the better dissemination of important scientific and professional information to our subscribers and readers.

The IJA is published quarterly. Information on new and friendlier subscription procedures can be found in the Subscription forms link on this site.

For more information you are invited to visit our Internet site at:

Original and unpublished manuscripts should be sent by First Class Airmail (see guidelines to authors) to:
Dan Mires (ed)
Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz
D.N. Ashrat 25210
E-mail: isrjr@int.gov.il  

Copy Editor: Ellen Rosenberg
Design and type setting: Talma Asher, Haifa, Israel
Plates and printing: Ayalon Offset Ltd., Israel
Webmaster: Fidi Kopel, IOLR, Haifa Israel, Fidi@ocean.org.il  

Authors and readers are kindly invited to visit our Editorial News link for updated information.