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Aquaculture Genetics Status and Prospects
BARD Workshop
February 20-23, 2006, Dan Panorama Hotel, Eilat, Israel




Gideon Hulata, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel
William K. Hershberger, National Center for Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture, USA
Benny Ron, Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, Israel

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Detailed program:

Monday, 20 FEBRUARY 2006

19:00      Registration

19:30      Cocktail/light buffet dinner in the hotel

21:00      Welcome greetings

               C. Anjeoni (Director, Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, MoAG)

               A. Tandler (Director, National Center for Mariculture, IOLR)

               E. Chalutz (Executive Director, BARD)

TuesDAY, 21 FEBRUARY 2006 (Chair: G. Hulata - Israel)  

08:00      Registration

09:00      Charge to participants

               G. Hulata, Israel

09:15      Opening Address: What history may tell us about the future of aquaculture genetics

               W.K. Hershberger, USA

10:00      Break

      Session I.  Breeding programs (Chair: W.K. Hershberger - USA) 

10:30      State of the art in selective breeding of aquacultures species

               B. Gjerde (Norway)

11:00      Genetics and genomics integration of breeding and molecular genetics programs

               J.T. Silverstein, USA

11:30      Practical genetics in Israeli mariculture: history, present status and prospects

               S. Gorshkov, Israel

12:00      Lessons for aquaculture breeding from livestock

               J. Weller, Israel

12:30      Discussion

13:00      Lunch

      Session II. Chromosome set manipulations (Chair: G. Thorgaard USA)

14:30      A review of ploidy manipulations in aquaculture: The Israeli experience

               S. Rothbard, Israel

15:00      Practical use of cytogenetics in fish biology and aquaculture

               G. Gorshkov, Israel

15:30      Discussion

16:00      Break

      Session III. Molecular aspects and biotechnology (Chair: Z. Liu - USA)

16:30      Use of molecular tools for research and improvement of aquaculture stocks 

               E. Hallerman, USA

17:00      Transgenic fish where we are and where do we go?

               R. Dunham, USA

17:30       Production of recombinant hormones and growth factors for use in aquaculture

               B. Funkenstein, Israel

18:00      Genomics and genetics: Molecular variation, bioinformatics and functional genomics, implementation into the NCCCWA breeding program

               C. Rexroad, USA

18:30      Discussion

19:30      Dinner in the hotel


      Session IV.  Molecular aspects and biotechnology - continue (Chair: R. Dunham - USA)

08:00      Informatic analysis of genomic resources for comparative genomics in catfish

               Z. Liu, USA

08:30      Mapping genes and QTLs in aquaculture species

               G. Thorgaard, USA

09:00      Aspects of comparative genomics in the gilthead sea bream, Sparus aurata

               G. Kotoulas Greece

09:30      Discussion

10:00      Visit to the National Center of Mariculture, IOLR and to commercial fish farms in the Gulf of Eilat (hosted by ArDag Ltd.)

12:30      Lunch at ArDag's Denis Kingdom visitors' center

Session V.  Genetics and Physiology (Chair: B. Ron Israel) 

14:00      Genetic basis of sex determination in fishes: searching for master key regulator genes in the sex determination pathway

               A. Shirak

14:30      Regulated sex control in commercially important fishes - a physiological perspective

               W. Shelton, USA

15:00     The effect of rearing temperature on sex differentiation in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)

               B. Ron, Israel

15:30      Genomic approaches to identifying sex-determining genes in tilapia

               T.D. Kocher, USA

16:00      Discussion

16:30      Break

      Session VI: Genetic tools for improving disease resistance (Chair: E. Hallerman - USA)

17:00      Traditional and phylogenetic approaches in the diagnosis and identification of pathogens in mariculture 

               A. Colorni, Israel

17:30      Genetic prespective on stress and disease resistance in aquaculture

               A. Cnaani, Israel/USA

18:00      Marker-assisted breeding for viral disease resistance in Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus)

               T . Sakamoto, Japan

18:30      Discussion

19:30      Dinner

THURSDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2006 (invited participants only)

      Session VII.  Working groups session (chair persons in bold)


Selective breeding (Gorshkov, Gjerde, Hershberger, Hulata, Weller)

Genomics (Cnaani, Dunham, Gorshkov, Hallerman, Kocher, Kotoulas, Liu, Rexroad, Shirak, Thorgaard)

Physiology/diseases (Colorni, Funkenstein, Ron, Sakamoto, Shelton, Silverstein)

Industry (Borovsky, La Patra, Pagelson, Parsons, Rothbard, Simon, Westerman)

      10:30      Break     

      Session VIII.  Industry perspective (Chair: Gjerde - Norway)

11:00       Needs and prospects reports by industry representatives

13:00      Lunch

      Session IX.    Research directions (Chairs: Hulata and Hershberger)

14:30      Elaboration of the key scientific and applied issues concerning fish genetics and the benefit to future aquaculture and extensive discussion on the ways to approach these issues in collaborative manner. Summary reports from leaders of working groups
Collaboration and networking: International activities through scientific societies, establishment of breeding programs, QTLs, strain databases, gene banking, identifying international team members and giving charges 

16:00      Break

16:30      Continue discussion

18:00      Summary and Conclusion

               G. Hulata, Israel

20:00      Gala dinner in the hotel